Discover the roots of the Dehiya beauty ritual: Alia & Mihakka. These two tools work together in one multifunctional step. Cleansing, exfoliating, and treating. We’re all about clearing away the clutter from your everyday experiences. With less clutter, you can indulge in sensorial rituals. Our products are the modern baby of a 1200-year-old Moroccan tradition - hammam bathing rituals. Moroccan spas are an oasis. You can rest in cleansing waters and detox under the experienced hands of a masseuse. Alia & Mihakka create space for you to clean and nourish your body with intentionality.


Multifunctioning, gentle cleanser

The knowledge of oils and botanicals were passed down from generation to generation. Here's how our power couple participates in this ancient lineage.

ALIA.  Our time-honored cleanser for all skin types with a modern twist 

Alia is an Argan Oil Beldi cleanser.  If you’re new to the world of Beldi cleansers, then this one is a passport to transformation. Beldis have a 12-century heritage of multifunctional cleansing. They are traditionally made with olive oil and gently simmered down over hours until they form a moldable gel. 

Beldis are beautifully gentle, forming a lotion-like low-lather when massaged onto damp skin. All while you’re enjoying the soft lather, they are going to work. They cleanse your skin, creating the appearance of a plump texture. They may also prepare the skin to absorb any serums or treatments.

Dehiya has up-leveled the nourishment of traditional Beldis by using Argan Oil as the base which is gentler for the face than traditional olive oil. Our Beldi is 100% unadulterated Saponified Argan oil. The properties of Argan oil make it the perfect base for a beneficial skincare routine. It’s rich with vitamins A, C, and E, and full of antioxidants that can fight against environmental damage

At its base, it’s composed of 80% of fatty acids which balance the skin barrier’s natural oil production. Keeping your skin balanced means protection from extremes. From the overproduction of oils that clogs the pores, to moisture loss and irritation. Argan oil may fight against the appearance of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Alia is good skin vibes every day. It gives you that glow and can help fight against skin irritation. Using it regularly is a luxury that moves you closer to your #skingoals.

MIHAKKA. – Gentle, sensorial exfoliation

Our Mihakka is a 1200-year-old tool made from clay and cotton that is simple, yet powerful. With its red clay taken from the Atlas Mountains, the Mihakka is an earthy, luxurious tool. It's shaped into a small clay disc, with a handle for easy use. Hand-crocheted cotton colors come from natural dyes.

It’s a marvelously multi-tasking tool that can be used all over the body. The Mihakka assists your skincare ritual from start to finish.

  • You can use it as a dry brush to pretreat any areas on the body for shaving. It’s great for working to reduce the effects of ingrown hairs.
  • It's the best way to apply your Beldi. Because its texture does not dissolve on your fingers, it can be tricky to apply with your hands. It doesn’t easily disperse on a washcloth but applies smoothly into the cotton grooves of the Mihakka
  • It encourages extra purification. Your skin will get the benefits of red clay as you wash.
  • It’s an exfoliating dynamo. The cotton cover provides effective exfoliation - be gentle. It’s a simple, yet powerful tool.
  • Even if your cover has worn away, the Mihakka can be used as a pumice stone to buff calloused skin on your elbows or heels.

It's very easy to clean. After each use, rinse it thoroughly and use your thumb to dislodge any remaining debris. Every month disinfect your Mihakka by simmering it in water for between 60 to 90 seconds.  With proper care, the Mihakka will last between six to nine months.

BOOSTS. – Intoxicating Botanicals

While Argan Oil Beldi is powerful on its own, added boosts can target specific concerns. These phytonutrient blends give you customized care, personalizing each jar to your needs. They work double-time, encouraging satisfying results. They inspire collagen production, cell turnover, and free radical protection.

Neroli is a great addition to Alia if your skin needs a boost of youth and vitality. It may fight the appearance of aging in the skin. I.E, rough texture, fine lines, wrinkles, and lingering scars.

Dry skin days got you down? Try a boost of Santal, which works towards moisturizing + healing. It has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties to soothe your sensitive skin.

If you need help with hyperpigmentation, consider Geranium. It encourages changes in the structure of your skin. Geranium stimulates blood flow which helps skin have a more even distribution of melanin.

Uncomplicate your routine & explore ritual skincare

Explore African-rooted skincare with Dehiya’s foundational duo, Alia & Mihakka. Coupled together, these two elevate your daily routine.

Pairing the Mihakka with Alia deepens your cleansing experience. It helps detoxify your skin, unclog your pores, exfoliate dead skin, brighten your face. It’s like a cleanse, steam, exfoliation, and mask – all in one simple step. Multitasking benefits and time-honored routines? That’s modern luxury.

Also, it is so satisfying. You can use it to get a facial massage. Glide your Mihakka over your pressure points, sinuses, eyebrow ridge, jaw. Any of those places that tend to tighten with stress over the course of the day.

Sustainable Skincare & Inclusive practices

Our small batch products are thoughtfully and sustainably sourced. The cold-pressed argan oil used in our products comes from Morocco’s Argan Forest, which UNESCO declared a biosphere reserve in 1998. The golden jelly texture is unique in each batch of Alia, deeper or lighter depending on the life of the Argan tree.

The fruit of the Argan tree is extracted by a local Amazigh women’s co-op outside of Marrakesh. This cooperative shares profits among other local Amazigh tribes, aiding in health care, education, and the creation of jobs. Purchase of Alia supports the Argan oil industry and invests in the establishment of ecosystem reforestation, ensuring its longevity.

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