Imagined in Morocco.
Made in California.


A return to simple, time-honored beauty… We are champions of diverse & inclusive beauty; passionate about creating highly-effective, plant-based skin care. We use ethically sourced, highly-active, native and wild botanical ingredients from all over the world. Through the combination of modern skin care practices and time honored beauty rituals, our goal is to uncomplicate skin care routines for women everywhere.

dehiya's story:.

Known as Queen of the Amazigh (“free people”), Dehiya was one of the most powerful warriors in Northern Africa. Dehiya (de-hee-yuh) or Dihya, was also known through time as Dahia, Damya, Damia & Diya among others. She’s best known as Dihya al-Kahina (soothsayer)–Kahina being a name given to her by her oppressors. She was a fearless female warrior who ruled an Amazigh free state in the 8th century & led her people in the resistance against colonization.⠀She remains historically relevant and serves as an inspiration to women throughout Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria today. While her true appearance is unknown, the general sentiment is she was a woman of incredible beauty. Some writings state she was a black, African queen while others state she had Greek heritage. Artists’ depictions of her range from olive-skinned and dark-haired to dark-skinned with dreadlocks. We think there is something really powerful about the idea of Dehiya being described as universally beautiful and for that to look so different to different people. It aligns perfectly with our vision of global beauty.⠀Queen Dehiya was a freedom fighter, an empowered female badass and the epitome of ancient beauty.♥️


Our cold-pressed argan oil is ethically sourced from Morocco's Argan Forest–declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1998–and hand extracted by a local Amazigh women's co-op outside of Marrakech, Morocco. This cooperative shares profits among other local Amazingh tribes, aiding in health care, education and the creation of jobs. Purchase of Alia supports the argan oil industry and invests in the establishment of ecosystem reforestation, ensuring its longevity. Dehiya only tests on people, never test animals. Our ingredients are 100% natural and organic. Due to the small nature of the farms and coops we work with, traditional means of organic certification is not always financially possible. Our products are always created free of chemicals, artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalates, sodium laurel sulfates, fillers, mineral oil and petroleum.


Dehiya Beauty is passionate about furthering women's equality, human rights and racial justice. There are just so many righteous causes and we want to support them all–adopt the babies, build the schools, dig the wells, staff the hospitals, stop global warming, send the kids to college, cure the big C, Alzheimer's, ALS, AIDs and every other disease out there! (You get the picture). + We donate 2% of our profit annually to causes such as women's, LGBT, disability and human rights, reproductive freedom and racial justice. We are also committed to donating to organizations providing emergency relief for victims of natural disasters, conflict and other unforeseen crisis.

From the founder

The long-standing definition of beauty we've been shown is too narrow. The story is incomplete, and our goal with dehiya is to disrupt the current beauty narrative, explore alternative ways to see beauty, and ultimately create a fuller, more comprehensive story.


Dr. Mia Chae Reddy is the Founder and Creative Director of Dehiya Beauty, a plant-based, all-natural, vegan skin care line influenced by Moroccan folk beauty and modern women. After living abroad and studying under a 4th generation Moroccan herbalist, Dr. Reddy was inspired to create a skin care line celebrating global and time honored beauty traditions. She describes it as a nod to grandma's thoughtful skin care ritual, a conjuring of ancestral beauty secrets and a return to simple beauty.

Dr. Reddy holds a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland-College Park in American Studies with expertise in the exploration of browngirlhood and womanhood, identity formation, sexuality & finding the power & beauty in that identity. She currently lives in Southern California with her husband & two boys.


Jacalyn Havard is the Operations Director of Dehiya Beauty. Data Guru. Organization Queen. A Conscientious Task Master. She wears many fabulous hats. Jacalyn holds a MSW from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a certificate in LGBTQ Studies. She currently lives in Southeastern Wisconsin with her husband and daughter.
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