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Meet The Queen Of Clean CBD Beauty: Dehiya

Mia Chae Reddy’s “Dehiya Beauty” is Clean, Green, and Inclusive

As a woman of color, Mia Chae Reddy, founder of Dehiya Beauty, knew from the start she wanted to create a brand that felt representative and inclusive. So, when it came to creating an organic, clean skin and beauty line, she told SVN that it was just as important for her to take a critical look at diversity as it was to “formulate high-performing, plant-based skin care.”


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Five Rising Black Woman-Owned Beauty Brands To Put On Your Shopping List

Dehiya Beauty, a plant-based brand inspired by ancient beauty traditions, is the brainchild of Mia Chae Reddy. After graduating with her doctorate in humanities, Reddy had an opportunity to move to Italy. She did—and that’s where the brand’s development began. “While living abroad, I spent time in Morocco and met a fourth-generation herbalist whose pharmacy has been in his family for over a century,” says Reddy. “Over the course of the next two years, he taught me about the power of plants indigenous to Northern Africa and 1,200-year-old beauty rituals imbued with simplicity.” She continues, “There is little credit given to enslaved African herbalists, healers, doulas and witch doctors who shared their knowledge throughout the African diaspora. Yet, so much of what we have incorporated in our beauty rituals originates on the continent of Africa.”


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Retailers Give Some Love To Under-The-Radar Indie Beauty Products They Believe Don’t Get Enough Of It

KIMBERLY SMITH Founder, Marjani

I wouldn’t say this brand doesn’t get the love it deserves, because those that know about it are obsessed. But I believe more people need to be in-the-know.

Dehiya Beauty. We just launched this Moroccan inspired brand in our store two weeks ago and within the first week, we were already sold out of a number of products in the line. We love the brand story of the founder, Mia Reddy, and the ingredients are just to die for.


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11 CBD-Infused Beauty Buys for Your Self-Care Routine

Cannabidiol, better known by its street name CBD, just may be your next beauty obsession.

From facial creams and skin balms to mascaras and lip glosses, infusing makeup and skincare products with this hemp-derived, non-psychoactive ingredient is the latest trend. “For so long, people equated CBD with pain management,” says Mia Chae Reddy, Ph.D., founder and creative director of Dehiya Beauty. But lately, its other claimed benefits, such as anti-inflammation, anti-aging, and stress and anxiety relief are also making headlines—and headway—into our self-care routines.