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A grassroots collective of Asian & Migrant sex workers, organizing transnationally. Red Canary Song centers basebuilding with migrant workers through a labor rights framework and mutual aid. We believe that full decriminalization is necessary for labor organizing and anti-trafficking.  #RightsNotRaids #SexWorkIsWork

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We are the only grassroots Chinese massage parlor worker coalition in the U.S. There are over 9000 workplaces like these across the country with no political representation, or access to labor rights or collective organizing. Anti-trafficking NGO’s that claim to speak for migrants in sex trades promote increased policing and immigration control, which harms rather than helps migrant sex workers.

We also organize transnationally with Asian sex workers across the diaspora in Toronto, Paris, and Hong Kong.


No more police raids and deportations. Policing is not social work. Arrest and sentencing, even with diversion programming, is not a humane way to deliver social services.

Labor rights in our workplaces, regardless of immigration status: Freedom to openly assemble without fear, share resources, and collectively organize for better wages and working conditions

Nothing about us without us. Respect and dignified livelihood for all sex workers and migrant workers.

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