Dry(ish) January, Anyone?

Dry(ish) January, Anyone?

Do you drink? is a rhetorical question for me. It is an integral part of the way I socialize and I can fully admit I surround myself with social drinkers. I am not at binge drinker and the goal is rarely getting drunk but alcohol is a constant in my life. Wine, bubbles, craft cocktails, Belgian beers, I love them all. Boozy brunch, cocktail hours, dinner and drinks, a nightcap–I’m down. This is my response to, “Dry January, anyone?”

But let’s get real. As I get older, I am feeling and seeing the effects show up in a different way. Being peri-menopausal, I’m already experiencing new struggles like weight gain, dry, dull skin, and low energy so why am I knowingly contributing to my beauty downfall?

There are a gang of reasons why I should be totally onboard with cutting out alcohol for a month. I am a conscious wellness and beauty proponent and I know what sort of radiant growing skin could potentially be waiting for me on the other side. That being just one of many benefits – feeling healthier, higher energy, saving money (I am pretty sure I could buy those Bottega Veneta flats I’ve been coveting on Feb. 1 if I stop), getting better sleep (when I drink, I ALWAYS wake up earlier than normal. It is a proven fact alcohol affects our quality of sleep.), losing weight (alcohol and hormones are my #1 killjoys to losing a single pound), and improving your skin (alcohol is dehydrating and lowers antioxidant levels leaving skin dry and dull. Say less).

I’ve always liked the idea of letting alcohol go, at least for a beat. I think there is something sort of intriguing about a person who “doesn’t really drink” or “never has alcohol in the house.” I’m definitely sober-curious and celebrities like Bella Hadid, Blake Lively, and as of last year, Chrissy Tiegan and Nicki Minaj (just to name a few) are making sober a vibe.

Until now, Dry January has always been more inspirational than aspirational - it’s the all-or-nothing part for me. Something I just know about myself: if you tell me I can’t do it then I am absolutely going to want to do it even more–eat carbs, walk away, look directly into the sun.

Enter Damp January. Damp January gives you permission to cut back without the pressure of quitting altogether. Apps like Sunnyside Co and Reframe are running Dryish January challenges this year. Reframe allows you choose 31 days alcohol free, dry on weeknights, cut consumption by half, and I’d prefer top customize my plan weekly. They focus on “mindful drinking not an all-or-nothing approach” so whether your goal is 31 days without alcohol, or just trying to cutback, there is flexibility.

You can only imagine how much I’m loving this Dry(ish) January situation. Everything in moderation, right? Because for me, that really is the goal. As Christine Sismondo states in her recent article in the Toronto Star, “Aiming for a ‘dry’ no-booze January? Great, but even a ‘damp’ one can help.” Being more mindful about my consumption can have loads of benefits without going completely dry and it gives me room to breathe. I believe the open-endedness of a dryish challenge is what I really needed to commit and I’m guessing there are lots of other sober-curious folks out there looking for a more moderate option.

I haven’t decided if my January is going to be dry or dry(ish) yet but I do know I am ready to change my relationship with alcohol (or at least prove that I can). My ability to succeed is way higher when I do a group challenge. I am goal oriented, competitive, and I love a due date to keep me motivated. “Studies show that people who participate in Dry January and other sobriety challenges frequently experience lasting benefits. Often, they drink less in the long run and make other sustained changes to their drinking habits that lead to striking improvements in their health and well-being.”

I would love for you to join me January 1 for the Dry(ish) January Challenge––whatever that looks like for you. January is our month to d.tox and we are sharing some of our favorite glow-boosting mocktails in addition to lots of other ways detox and reset. So whether you are going dry or simply cutting back, we are looking forward to looking and feeling better with you over the next month. Dryish January, Anyone?

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