Rooted in Africa.

A nod to African queens and ritual beauty, DEHIYA creates award-winning, multi-tasking, plant-based vegan and sustainable skincare rooted in Africa, imagined in Morocco, and micro-batched right in our Southern California studio.

Designed to evoke feelings of self-celebration and overall well-being, we champion minimal, modern beauty rooted in ritual, individuality, and inclusivity.

Imagined in Morocco.

After living abroad and studying under a 4th generation Moroccan herbalist, Dr. Mia Chae Reddy was inspired to create a skincare line celebrating African ritual beauty. An homage to African queens and ritual beauty, DEHIYA creates award-winning, multi-tasking, plant-based, vegan, and sustainable skincare rooted in Africa, imagined in Morocco, and micro-batched in our Southern California studio.

Micro-batched in California.

I create all DEHIYA products with one thing in mind—Beauty Unbounded: no exceptions.

In our quest, we work closely with master herbalists, farmers and artisans who live and breathe the slow beauty philosophy. Together we hope to change the narrative around beauty and how we take care of ourselves, other humans, and our planet.

Queen Dehiya.

Known as Queen of the Amazigh (“free people”), Dehiya was one of the most powerful warriors in Northern Africa. Best known as Dihya al-Kahina (soothsayer)–Kahina being a name given to her by her oppressors, was a fearless female warrior who ruled an Amazigh free state in the 8th century & led her people in the resistance against colonization.⠀She remains historically relevant and serves as an inspiration to women throughout Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria today. While her true appearance is unknown, the general sentiment is she was a woman of incredible beauty. Some writings state she was a black, African queen while others state she had Greek heritage. Artists’ depictions of her range from olive-skinned and dark-haired to dark-skinned with dreadlocks. We think there is something really powerful about the idea of Dehiya being described as universally beautiful and for that to look so different to different people. It aligns perfectly with our vision of global beauty.⠀Queen Dehiya was a freedom fighter, an empowered female badass and the epitome of ancient beauty.♥️

A note from our founder.

My goal in creating Dehiya was simple yet profound—to craft minimal, multi-functional, ritual beauty products. From creating micro moments to royal rituals, everything about Dehiya is a celebration of clean and modern aesthetics deeply rooted in heritage and culture. It's an homage to ancestral rituals and a commitment to cultural continuity that I believe everyone who loves minimal, conscious, clean beauty can appreciate.

The DEHIYA range is a personal reflection of what I hold dear in my own beauty ritual. With a skin-first philosophy and a love for playing with color, I set out to create hues that are not just cosmetic but serve as skincare. Our commitment lies in using high-quality, natural, and conscious ingredients sustainably sourced throughout the Diaspora.

Thank you for being a part of this journey and embracing the essence of DEHIYA—where beauty is a celebration of heritage, culture, and conscious living.

Xx, Dr. Mia

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