Thoroughly cleanse your mihakka after each use with hot water. Using your fingers, rub massage the soap out of the surface until water runs clean. Lay on its side to dry. Disinfect in simmering water for 30-60 seconds once per month. With proper care, your mihakka should last 6-9 months.
Color may vary based upon local harvesting. If your beldi is darker in color it’s because of the heat of the summer which helped the Argan fruit to fully grow. Color does not affect efficacy.
Color may vary based upon local harvesting. You might have seen a bright yellow color or a gorgeous orange! Color does not affect efficacy.
Biru Balm is a multi-functional product so the amount you use depends on the area. We recommend using the back of your fingernail to get the desired amount out -- keep in mind, a little goes a long way! You will have to play around with the amount you use -- if you're using it for acne scarring, you won't have to use much. If you're using it for muscle soreness, you may have to use a bit more. Biru Balm smooths out on contact with skin.
Yes! This is a common misconception. The beauty industry has been scaring us the past few decades about needing “oil-free” products. Oils in the form of lipids and essential fatty acids are naturally occurring in or skin. They are what give us that healthy natural glow and keep us looking youthful. Lipids are what protect us from environmental damage like UV rays and pollution and signs of aging like fine line and wrinkles. As we age, we produce less lipids so incorporating a high quality face oil into your regimen will slow signs of aging. There are oils for ALL skin types, even oily! Oils that balance the skin and normalize sebum production are perfect for oilier skin types. Zahra contains bergamot and neroli which are both skin balancers.
First, make sure you are choosing 100% natural, cole-pressed, plant-based oil or blend. Second, I cannot stress the importance of exfoliating dry skin regularly (1-2x/week) enough. This removes the dead layer of skin cells currently sitting on the surface of your skin providing a barrier and making it difficult for the oils (this goes for other liquids as well) to penetrate. When you exfoliate and that layer of dead skin is removed, a fresh new layer is exposed and the fresh skin is prepped to receive maximum benefits from antioxidants, fatty and amino acids, phytonutrients and vitamins. Additionally, always apply oils to damp skin. Oils are NOT hydrating. Oils provide a nutrient-rich barrier to lock moisture in.
The gua sha range from beginner to advanced with the Warrior Gua Sha being our most versatile. Typically, the more features (curves, points, teeth), the more advanced treatments can be administered.
The Mihakka and Alia can be used in several ways – Mihakka alone to dry brush (think areas you shave and dry/rough areas), with other cleansers to apply and exfoliate and with Alia. You can simply use it to apply your Alia as the consistency is tricky, or you can apply gentle pressure to exfoliate the skin.
Absolutely! But remember–face oils are just that, oils. They can lock in existing moisture (from treatments, serums, face mists, etc) but they do not create moisture. Moisturizers like creams and lotions contain water, which is why they can be applied to dry skin. Always apply your face oils to damp skin.
Absolutely! Everyone's skin is different so keep that in mind. One of our favorite ways to use Biru with makeup is by mixing a little with concealer for a nice dewy finish.
Much like exercise, you see the most benefits when you are consistent. Gua sha work best when used daily!
It's completely personal preference when doing gua sha on the face and both work fabulous. We do, however, recommend using Biru if you are targeting things like muscle and joint soreness on the body.
You might be using Alia and/or your Mihakka too often. After your skin fully heals, try reducing the frequency and see if you still experience redness. You also could be scrubbing too aggressively with your Mihakka. We suggest very light, circular motions - you don't have to scrub hard to receive benefits from your Mihakka.
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