Our Ethos.

As a Black owned sustainable beauty brand, DEHIYA takes pride and its commitment to crafting products that embrace both environmental consciousness and cultural heritage. Our focus extends beyond the mere creation of eco-friendly packaging—it encompasses the entire lifecycle of our offerings. We consider it essential, not only to house our products in reusable and refillable packaging, but also to educate our clients on responsible disposal, ushering in a new era where Mandatory Recycling is the norm.



The Self.

Conscious consumerism. Ageless, boundless beauty. High-quality, sustainable ingredients from throughout the Diaspora. Self-acceptance and celebration are highly encouraged.

The Culture.

An ode to African Royalty. Celebrating shared experiences and cultural continuity through time-honored beauty rituals.

The Community.

Long-standing partnerships with century-old pharmacy and Amazigh women-owned co-ops. Global citizenship. Empowered communities. Fair wages. Beauty that gives back.

The Planet.

Conscious consumerism. Ageless, boundless beauty. High-quality, sustainable ingredients from throughout the Diaspora. Self-acceptance and celebration are highly encouraged.

We collaborate with indigenous Amazigh communities in Marrakech, who have a deep understanding of local eco-systems.

Sustainable Luxury

At DEHIYA, our aspiration goes beyond the conventional norms, aiming to reshape the perception of sustainable luxury. We redefine luxury by epitomizing excellence in form, performance, and experience. This involves honoring the profound traditions of cultural heritage while transcending the boundaries of beauty. We pay homage to the craft of African herbalism, conjuring skin care that creates a sensorial experience. It’s about more than just product; it’s about reverence for the centuries-old traditions and rituals, the skilled artisans, and our ancestral lineage. 

Our products transcend singular use. Multitasking botanical ingredients, sans fillers, they get the job done, means less is more. We are strong, believers and sexy, yet sustainable, harmonizing luxury, with eco-consciousness. For DEHIYA, Beauty is an intentional journey, marrying, heritage with innovation, and extending an invitation to embrace the true essence of slow, meaningful beauty. 

Cultural Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability runs deep. We stand firmly behind local and circular farming and sourcing practices, forming partnerships with indigenous communities in Morocco. Their deep understanding of the local ecosystems, knowledge and appreciation of African beauty, traditions, and sustainable sourcing methods align perfectly with the DEHIYA ethos.

Community Sustainability

We make it a priority to select ingredients that aren’t endangered or over-harvested. Our collaboration with herbalist, artisans, and farmers, who uphold ethical, wild-crafting and cultivation practices, along with long-standing partnerships with local women-owned Amazon communities are essential. This unwavering commitment ensures our practices remain in balance with nature.

Ethical Argan Sustainability

Argan is foundational ingredient in our products, and our cold pressed argon. Oil is sourced from Morocco‘s UNESCO declared Argonne forest. Hand extracted by a local Amazigh women’s co-op near Marrakesh, this oil represents more than just skin care – it supports local, tribes, healthcare, education, and job creation.

By choosing DEHIYA, you are supporting the argan oil industry and investing in ecosystem reforestation. With each purchase, you contribute to the long-standing legacy of this precious resource.

Our Commitment