Planet Forward: Sustainable Micro-Habits to Incorporate 365

Planet Forward: Sustainable Micro-Habits to Incorporate 365

What does sustainability actually mean?

By merely existing, isn’t DEHIYA contributing to waste? Can any product-based brand be truly sustainable? The answer would have to be no if that is the defining factor but I think we need to be a bit more forgiving.

To us, sustainability is about investing in the future. Using our resources to meet our own needs and doing so in a way that recognizes the needs of future generations.

Personally if I’m going to consume certain things like beauty and fashion—and I am, because they bring joy to my life—I can practice conscious consumerism, staying mindful about what and how my purchases supports sustainability. When I founded DEHIYA, I knew I was contributing to the “things” we consume and possess so I felt it was important to do it in the most minimal and mindful way I could.

There are countless ways businesses can commit to reducing their footprint - some more immediate and others that are more costly and take longer to implement. Some of the things to look for are sustainable ingredient sourcing, circular farming, supporting local, fair trade practices, innovative packaging solutions, producing in small batches to minimize waste, environmental packing and shipping solutions, just to name a few.

Sustainability — good for the planet and our health, prioritizes the environment and ethical concerns.

As consumers, we can shop more brands committed to sustainability, shop local, support independently-owned businesses, consume less. We are voting with our dollars and forcing fast beauty brands to operate more sustainably. It can all be a bit overwhelming but below I’ve shared some my favorite micro-habits to help you step into your Sustainable Beauty Era.

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