Jacalyn's Travel Essentials

Jacalyn's Travel Essentials

Jacalyn here! I recently had an amazing family trip to Seoul, South Korea (more on that in another blog post soon!) and went into full planning mode months before. We regularly travel stateside and internationally, but every trip I feel like I'm fine tuning what is actually essential. Here's my current travel essentials list:

Skincare (you know I can't skip over this)
  • I always bring my travel size DEHIYA skincare regime. This includes Alia (cleanser), Safi Mist x Clarify (face mist), Mami Wata (hydration boost), and Queen Amina or Zahra (oil). Sometimes I travel with my Mihakka, but for this trip I didn't because I was already worried about how I was going to get all my souvenirs home. 
    • I love Supergoop Unseen. While in Korea, I also picked up Roundlab Birch Juice Sunscreen which I've really enjoyed also.
      Pill organizer
      • Yeah, I'm that old person now. I have prescription Rx that I have to organize daily for AM and PM. 
      • I don't generally bring vitamins on international trips, but this would also be helpful if you want to stick to your vitamin regime.
        Travel Blanket
        • I love throwing my Turkish towel from DEHIYA's Souk in my bag. It's perfect for a cold airplane, or bundling up under my butt for extra cushioning on a long 14 hour+ plane ride. My daughter regularly steals this blanket as well when we're traveling if she's cold.
          • I am that nauseous, motion-sickness girlie. It me. So I always travel with plenty of Dramamine (original (AKA sleepy time) or less drowsy). 
          • I've also been dealing with an occasional migraine that manifests strongly into nauseousness, so this helps with that as well.
            Hard candy/Gum
            • OK, OK...I know I'm that old lady. I always carry peppermints in my purse for nauseousness. 
            • I also travel with gum for popping ears (minty for me and fruity for my daughter).
              Plastic bags
              • I bring various sizes of plastic zip bags for everything from trash collection on the plane (with 3 people we tend to have a lot of wrappers throughout the flight) to liquid souvenirs I'm afraid might leak on the way home. I also used them for my daughter's small toys she bought and opened to keep them together.
                Reusable bags
                • This came in handy almost every day we were in Seoul! It was perfect for souvenirs we bought, and not to mention some stores charged a little extra for a bag anyhow (which I would have thrown away anyhow).
                  • I always bring plenty of wipes - Tide/Shout wipes (this came in clutch when eating spicy food that splatters and with my daughter), Wet Wipes for disinfecting/hands, and butt wipes (I always bring these when traveling because I never know if there will be toilet paper in public restrooms).
                    Emergen-C and/or Liquid IV 
                    • I love to bring these when I'm traveling to boost my immune system.
                      • Ok...hear me out. I have a serious salt problem. So I bring my Jacobsen salt tin in my purse with me everywhere. Judge me if you must.


                        Here's some of the items I've listed above that I traveled with:


                        Here is how much of my DEHIYA travel items I came back with after using them for 10 days to give you an idea of how much was used:



                        I didn't end up using Zahra (which is why it was full). I also used Queen Amina several times for elbows/knees on myself and my daughter.

                        CLOSE-UP OF ALIA JAR AFTER 10 DAYS

                        Ritual Discovery Set - includes Alia, Safi, Zahra

                        Deluxe Sample Queen Amina + Mami Wata

                        I hope that my list helps you pack for your next trip!

                        XX, Jacalyn

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