Dehiya Beauty



40g Loose Moroccan Royal Tea in custom cream DEHIYA tin. 

Create a mini-tea ritual in your home to experience #DEHIYAvibes 

Moroccan Royal Tea is different from Mint Tea you might have already had. Proper Moroccan Tea must be made with Gunpowder Pearl Green Tea. Mint tea is everywhere in Morocco, and it is a sign of hospitality. The sweeter the tea is, the more you are respected as a guest.

Tea pouring is involved in the ritual: sugar and tea are mixed to the perfect amount, and pouring into the glass aerates the tea/infuses mint flavor. Pouring from a high stream is an act of respect towards your guest. The higher you pour, the more important your guest is.

1. Heat water to 175 degrees F.
2. One teaspoon for each cup and one for the pot. Pour water over the leaves. 
3. Steep for 2-4 minutes. 

Lemon Verbena, Orange Verbena, Variety of Moroccan Flowers, Moroccan Roses, Oregano, Moroccan Mint, Chamomile, Gunpowder Pearl Green Tea.