Mihakka Rest (DEHIYA X Grayson White Ceramics)


Meet your Mihakka's new best friend.

In collaboration with Caroline White of Grayson White Ceramics, we'd like to introduce our limited edition Mihakka Rests. A crescent-shaped Mihakka Rest made from white stoneware, glazed by hand in Grayson White Ceramics’ signature ink splattered pattern. 

NOTE: Mihakka sold separately. Each Mihakka Rest is unique. 

Each Mihakka Rest can nestle our Original or Body Mihakkat. Depending on which you are using, you can rest it several ways (see pictures for examples). This Rest is not only gorgeous with a minimal vibe, but it is functional (to aid in drying your Mihakka between uses).

We wanted to create some thing special and meaningful to lay your Mihakka up on as it dries. Some thing that was a piece of art in its own right. Some thing that had a history, a story. In the spirit of DEHIYA we decided to collaborate with a Black, female ceramicist, Caroline. Her signature style includes black and cream and the cultural significance of the crescent shape is a nod to DEHIYA, Morocco and clean beauty.

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Web: www.graysonwhiteceramics.com