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The argan oil beldi not only deep cleanses but prepares the skin for exfoliation, brightens and hydrates, leaving skin soft and supple after just one use. Used regularly, it can even skin tone, alleviate congestion, may reduce the appearance of fine lines, fade dark spots, encourage cell turnover to help improve elasticity.

*Variations in texture & color may occur. Being an all-natural product, crystallization can occur due to temperature or air exposure but does not affect efficacy.
**Color may vary based upon local harvesting. If your beldi is darker in color it’s because of the heat of the summer which allows the Argan fruit to ripen more fully. Color does not affect efficacy.


Good for:
 All skin types, particularly sensitive skin.
Concern: dehydration, anti-aging, dark spots, uneven or dull skin

Good for:
All skin types, particularly combination to oily skin, acne prone skin
Concern: anti-aging, acne, dark spots or hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone
Benefits: shown to aid in skin elasticity, reduces signs of scarring, acts as a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory for congested or acne prone skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, regenerates skin. 

Good for: 
All skin types, particularly sensitive and/or dull skin
Concern: dehydration, anti-aging, acne, dark spots, uneven skin tone, inflammation
Benefits: great for dehydrated skin. Anti-viral, -bacteria and antiseptic agent, aiding in reduced inflammation of sensitive skin and relief from common skin irritants. Also a moisturizing agent to combat fine lines and wrinkles. Promotes the development of fresh skin cells. Loaded with sesquiterpene compounds, sandalwood oil increases the blood circulation and offers a smoother, plumper looking skin.

Good for:
All skin types, particularly dry skin & skin prone to hyperpigmentation.
Concern: anti-aging, skin congestion, dark spots, uneven skin tone
Benefits: balances skin's natural oil production, increases skin elasticity and blood circulation encouraging the equal distribution of melanin, inhibiting hyper-pigmentation. Increases moisture retention and plumps the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines. 


Massage into wet skin. Add water as needed. For best results, use daily and follow with Zahra Serum-in-Oil. Depending on your skin type and seasonal needs, adjust the frequency of use. Preps skin to receive serums and moisturizers.

WEEKLY RITUAL–– 2-3X/ week, use with your Dehiya Mihakka as a deeper exfoliating treatment. Increasing length of time gradually, let sit on the skin and extra 30-90 seconds, massage with Mihakka again. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with face oil while skin is still damp.


Saponified Argania Spinosa L. (Argan) Oil.

[+/-] Aurantium Var Amara (Neroli), Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium), Santalum Album (Santal), Jasminum Grandiflorum (Jasmine).



Beldi is typically known as the saponified olive oil used in the world-renowned hammam spas of Morocco. So what sets argan oil-based beldi apart? Truly unique in the world of cleansers, exfoliants and other beldi soaps on the market, Dehiya Beauty's Alia is made with 100% organic, cold-pressed argan oil from the Argan Forest of Morocco. Using the same method of saponification as olive oil beldi, argan oil beldi improves upon the age-old tradition. The result is a high-performing, innovative, multi-tasking product completely unique in form, color and benefits. 

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