5 Things I’m Digging in October

5 Things I’m Digging in October

Oct 19, 2022

5 Things I’m Digging in October 

Has anyone else been feeling…off? Like, low-energy, low-vibe, unfocused. Ok, well I have. The seasons are changing and I wanted to get back on track before it gets cooler and the days get shorter. I am incorporating several new and practices and reincorporating some I’m trying to get back to. I shared this in my personal Instagram stories as a way of holding myself accountable. I can’t believe how many folks were feeling two things in particular: my meditation and manifestation practice and my “audio book club”—which to be fair, I made VERY clear was me and like…one other friend. I am amazed at how many of you were legit down to join my audiobook club so I am figuring out what that might look like. Suggestions welcome. Stay tuned… In the meantime, more on a few of the things I’m digging right now:

meditation candle and blanket .  

Ah/Om Meditation for Manifesting: 20 minutes of Ah in the morning with visualization. 20 minute of Om Meditation for gratitude in the evening. Like I said, I’ve been low vibe and that affects everything. I chose 3 things I’m focused on manifesting and committed to 90 days of meditation. I’m currently on day 25. My anxiety is down and I’m seeing major surges in my focus and creativity. 

October Babies: three cheers for my son, A, my husband Mark, Jacalyn, our Ops Director (and my sissy!), and my oldest Goddaughter, A, and any of you celebrating this month.

Queen Amina Multi-Use African Superfruit Oil is a dynamo, y’all! I’m currently using it as my makeup remover and oil cleanser because my skin is so sensitive and dehydrated as we go into the cooler months. Filled with African fruit oils like Baobab, Argan, Marula and Kalahari melon, it’s nourishing and the grounding scent of Moroccan rose and sandalwood keep me mindful. Taking an extra 3 minutes to close my eyes, inhale the scent, and massage my face is the perfect minute-ritual.

 Wahala by Nikki May book cover

Audiobook: In the spirit of audiobook clubs, I thought I’d add one I’m currently digging, Wahala - it’s by English-born, Nigerian-bred author Nikki May with narration by Natalie Simpson. First off, the narrator can literally make or break an audio book. IYKYK. Simpson was a delight. Centered around 4 Nigerian friends and taking place in London, Wahala is giving Sex in the City vibes but honestly that formula never gets old to me (Hello, Lipstick Jungle, Girlfriends, Harlem!). It was light and funny which is what I’m feeling right now and had just the right balance of romance, scandal, and mystery. 

My tower fan: Thank you, husband for this fan. It has literally changed my life. One of the things women need to share with other women is “hot flashes” are not just a silly sitcom trope. They will leave you waking in a pool of sweat at some point in your journey through womanhood.  Back to the fan—it’s remote controlled, automatic timer, quiet as a baby, and exactly what I need at 3am.

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