Dr. Mia Chae Reddy talks about her summer beauty routine and how it's all about working smarter, not harder.

safi face mist, alia argan cleanser, mihakka tools, and face oil

This summer is all about doing the most with the very least.
Multi-tasking products and a minimal wardrobe that take less time but look like ALL the effort, is what I’m feeling these days.
So let’s get into it...

I currently keep a Daily Ritual Discovery Set in my tote at all times.
It contains The Ritual–Dehiya’s skincare essentials–which includes a travel-size Alia Argan cleanser, Safi Mist, and Zahra face oil.
This past week we took a little 3-day trip across the border in Baja Mexico and it felt like throwing the Discovery Set into my weekend bag saved me so much time and space.
It made me want to keep EVERYTHING minimal—a couple bikinis, a jumpsuit, sundress, my Moroccan hamam towel and flip flops. 

I cannot over emphasize my desire to achieve maximum dew and glow while doing the absolute very least. My secret?
 A solid but simple beauty routine that prioritizes my skin’s health. I put all the effort into my skin game so I can be lazy nonchalant about the makeup.

ALIA — there is nothing like the feeling of smooth supple skin after using 100% argan oil-based beldi cleanser from Morocco.
It’s just saponified argan oil. That’s it. Simple, time-honored luxury.

MAMI WATA — I’ve been experimenting with cocktails.
 Not those kind of cocktails. Ok, so maybe those kind of cocktails too (What happens in Rosarito stays in Rosarito).
You know how when you find something you just can’t say enough good things about and you share it with anyone who will listen? Well, this is that.
I’m LOVING Mami Wata cocktailed with Queen Amina. The texture is like nothing I’ve experienced.
Hydrated, plump, dewy, glazed donuty, steamed dumpling skin is the result.

QUEEN AMINA — it’s not called Multi-Use African Superfruit Oil for nothing—she is an absolute workhorse.
It might be easier to think about what I don’t use her for. I’m currently using Amina as my makeup remover and oil cleanser when I need
something gentle after a day in the sun,and as a moisturizer from head to toe. Oh, and of course cocktailed with Mami Wata. I cannot get enough.
Filled with African fruit oils like Baobab, Argan, Marula and Kalahari melon, it feels decadent from head to toe.
The grounding scent + high quality luxe oils keep me mindful and intentional as I’m slathering all over my sun kissed bod. ;)
It’s really like no other oil. Feels like Queen Amina IS the ritual.

THE MIHAKKA — North Africans have been using the Mihakka for hundreds of years — 12 centuries to be exact. It’s part cleansing/part exfoliating tool
 and goes hand-in-hand with Alia ARGAN BELDI cleanser. It can be used on the face for gentle exfoliation, pre-shave on facial hair, bikini lines and underarms,
or to smooth rough elbows, need, and heels. Thank you, mihakka for prepping my skin and making it ready to receive all this goodness.

*Side note: The Body Mihakka (2x larger than the original) has been in heavy rotation as well.
 I’ve been really digging lymphatic drainage modalities and the larger size makes it perfect for dry brushing and lymphatic drainage massage.
I probably need to dedicate a whole post to it as I am seeing improvements in texture, puffiness, and appearance of cellulite.
The Mihakkat (mihakka plural) are made of clay from the Atlas and covered with cotton crocheted at a women’s co-op in Marrakech.
I am all about small, sustainable tools that don’t need charging. Plus, they are conversation starters and look great on the vanity.

Did I already say this summer is about doing the most with the least? I believe I did but in case it wasn’t clear, that extends to my wardrobe as well.
I have been playing with a capsule wardrobe since last Fall and love it. Summer is a bit more difficult since it’s warm here from about April to November
but it’s one of the best things I could have done for myself. The last several months have been unusually hectic so a minimal wardrobe
made up of only the things I love and reach for the most, has me feeling put together with the least amount of effort or mental energy.
We will pause to talk more about this a well. It’s not for everyone but for me - game changer, y’all.

It’s high summer and we need to turn up the energy. If you’ve been slow to get in the summer groove,
this high vibe Spotify playlist is a mood-booster. A little Harry Styles, Bob Marley, The Strokes, and Lil Nas X.
Not too hype and not too chill…just a feel-good mood.
So wash your face, slather on all the goodness, (don’t forget SPF!) and vibe out to
Dehiya’s Chill Summer playlist. Listen here or add us to your favorites on Spotify.

xx, mia


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