Founder Check-in:
Coming out of the Pandemic Fog

As we head back out into the world, Dehiya founder, Dr. Mia Chae Reddy talks about her newfound social anxiety.

If you  or someone you know is struggling with your mental health, it's okay to seek help.
 Help can come in various forms—a meditation app, online or in-person therapy, a friend or loved one to lean on, or help from a professional.

Some of my personal favorites that have helped me tremendously are Insight Timer and Calm available via the app store, Black Girl Magik and Black Girl in OM.

If you or someone know are looking for professional assistance,
I've listed a few resources below that may be a good starting point.

Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM), 
that focuses on healing in the Black community:

National Queer and Transgender Therapists of Color network:

Therapy for Black Girls:

Therapy for Latinx:
Counselors Helping South Asian Indians:

Mann Mukti (South Asian Mental Health support):

South Asian Mental Health Initiative and Network:

Relational Center (LA based):

Southern California Muslim Therapists:

Bay Area Muslim Therapists:

Muslim Mental Health Directory:

Seema Mental Health:


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