Although on a daily basis, I don't carry a purse with me (just my keys, wallet, and phone - especially in winter when I can just throw it in my jacket pockets), I still use purses from time-to-time when I go out and more so in the months when I don't wear a jacket. Generally, I am good about switching everything out, but I always feel like I can work on pairing things down and keeping only necessary items in my purse. I have a daughter so if I'm going out with her, then all bets are off as to what is in my purse. 

Here are some real life examples of what our purses look like and what we swap out/pare down:

My purse contents before making an edit.

This looks pretty contained, right? And generally, this is how I keep my purse so I can easily transfer items to/from purses whenever I want.

I love to keep items in individual bags (clear is even better) by category (generally I split mine up into my items and items for my daughter/family).

But wait until you see how much redundancy I have in my purse...

All of my purse contents taken out of bags.

Look at all the redundancy in my purse!

I had literal trash in there, too much candy (for my daughter and some for me), Boogie wipes and cough drops from when we were sick (which we're not anymore), wayyy too many masks, multiple hand sanitizers and more! 

Items I took out of my purse.

Here's my reasoning behind removing these items:

  • Masks - I always keep a mask in my purse for every member of my family. Clearly I had way too many masks, so I only kept 3 in mine (2 adult size, 1 child size).
  • Boogie Wipes/Cough Drops - We had been sick for a while so I had the essentials in my bag, but we're healthy (for now), and so I didn't  need them taking up space. I will just add them back in when/if we get stick again.
  • Hand Sanitizers - I had 3 hand sanitizers in my purse, so I pared it down to one.
  • Sunscreen - I had 2 travel size sunscreens in my purse and clearly only need one. Not to mention it's a grey, dreary season in Wisconsin during the winter.
  • Candy - I had a ton of extra candy that I didn't need. I kept a few pieces for my daughter (hello bribery!), and some for myself (I usually keep hard candy in my purse as I'm prone to nauseousness).
  • Off! Deep Woods - Clearly it's not mosquito season, so I don't need this in my purse until the blood suckers come out.
  • Notebook & Pen - This is my daughter's, which I usually bring along for restaurants, and I only need it in my purse for those times. 

What is left in my purse after the edit.

See how much better it is!? I feel better!

We have a tendency to fill our purses if it's bigger, but I urge you to fight that tendency.

Make sure you keep items in your purse that make sense for your daily life, or a particular event. 

We'd love to see your purse/wallet clean out photos! Tag us on social @dehiyabeauty and use hashtag #dclutterwithdehiya #dtoxwithdehiya for a chance to be featured in our stories.

xx, Jacalyn

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