I am a zero inbox type of gal - shocking, right? But our Founder, Mia, is not so much. She will tell you the annoyance of having thousands of unopened emails, most of them being junk/ones she will never read. This is her year to UNSUBSCRIBE from those pesky emails that she is no longer interested in.

Here's her before and after - what a relief to see that number go WAY down! #MentalClutterManaged:

Some tips for achieving/keeping a clean Inbox:

  • Slowly unsubscribe/reduce frequency for emails as you get them. Don't overwhelm yourself - commit to unsubscribing to whatever feels realistic for you - 1x/day, 1x/week...you call the shots!
  • If you read an email and know you don't need to keep it, just delete it on the spot! Don't open it and then wait until later to delete it because we all know...later never comes. 
  • If you don't need an email in your Inbox, create a folder to house it and similar emails. This also makes it easier to access later when you need it and makes searching it easier. 
  • Use stars to mark emails as important or to address later. 
  • Don't forget to occasionally go through your email folders to delete emails you don't need anymore.
  • If you have a lot of emails from the same email address/company, copy the email address and paste it into the Search bar so you can delete them all at once.
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